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EQ Magazine | Issue No. 1

EQ Magazine | Issue No. 1

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In this issue:

- Top 5 books of Business:
Selected books from the editor and CEO of the Voyade himself!

- Exclusive: Meet King Levi

- The 5 Traits of Being Manly:
We'll discuss 5 traits that normally lead men into living successful lifestyles.

- Love vs. Commitment:
But the concerning issue is – people put so much weight on the feeling of love, a feeling that inevitably changes, takes different forms and can get blinded easily.

- The Basics- Applying Our Beard Balm in 4 Simple Steps:
In this article we’re going to teach you how to apply beard balm in 4 steps.

- Does Manhood Matter To Your Community:
The unattached and immature adult male is every society’s first social problem. This statement might strike us as overly dramatic, but it’s true.

- 20 Power Moves To Financial Freedom:
These 20 power moves (as told to me by my mentor) will help shorten your learning curve by 25 years and put you on a slightly faster track to wealth.

- A Word with Lyndon Ray:
On his mission to create the masculine scented candle.

- Learning How To Pair the Perfect Wine With Meals:
What if black men knew what wines to pair with great dinners when they're out on a date?

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    "Most comprehensive, stylish, and mature magazine I've ever read!"

    - Charles Holloway-

    • Tiffany G.

      My husband said he loved it. He's never read a magazine like this before.

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    • Mark H.

      As a banker and retired now, I have always enjoyed the EQ magazine to keep up with the "Big Guys" in business. Love it when they include how they got started too. Very informative.

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    • Darius C.

      EQ and Forbes are two of my favorite magazines. Great, in-depth articles covering a broad array of topics.

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    • Shephard S.

      This is such a cool magazine I really look forward to it and i have even gotten a few buddies to want to subscribe!

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